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Advertise models that are for sale here! This makes it easier for people to look at a variety of models for sale. Feel free to advertise anyway you’d like! Please only display models for sale, thank you. Everyone is welcome! 😉more
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My sales are listedmore
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Hi everyone! Thanks for adding me to the group! I have lots of little stablemates needing new homes! Just check out my “For Sale” shelf on my page. ;)more
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GRAIL SALE!!! Please make offers on my for sale list!!more
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I have not posted in a hot minute on this platform, but if you all could check out my sales, that would be great! many things in my life are happening and I need the funds 😅, just dm me and I will send you my current sales listmore
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Please buy as I’m trying to afford the new web special! If you think the price is too high make an offer. (No tire kicking)more
Cantering Horse Studiosstarted a discussion
Comment or message me!!more
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Havent posted here in god knows when but I'm in search of a body American Saddlebred traditional more
Phoenix__Drill_Breyersstarted a discussion
I have a few models for sale DM memore
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I got some models for trade aswellmore
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Hey what’s up! I have models for salemore
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Tell me if any one has these horses.more
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Faith Burtonstarted a discussion
These are okay they are not that great but they are I think a good pice because I have seen some 6-8$ haltersmore
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Hey guys I have some stuff for sale/trad did we trade I would want traditionals or lsq stablemates for shows🙃more
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FOR SALE Purple = SOLD Also have a Glossy GG and Heartbreaker set for sale! $60 shipped.more
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Looking to trade this guy for Rhian and Cadell or Bristol. :)more
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All of these halters are for sale, some are OOAK, some are limitedmore
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I may start selling halters!!!more
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All of these guys are for sale!! If you are seriously interested in any of these guys message me! An easier way to get ahold of me through my Instagram @eggobreyers. I need these guys gone ASAP!! Thank you!more
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Trying to get rid of all these guys prices are listed, I will take offers but no trades. Buyer pays shipping, all though PayPal.more
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Really want to get these horses gone 🐎💨more
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Does anyone have an s just a dream or Breyer smoke for around $40-$70???more
PeppyBreyer88started a discussion
Models for sale!!! Need them gone ASAP.more
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I need to get these horses gone they are on sale Buyer pays shippingmore
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Now accepting offers on this dude.more
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Looking to TRADE tack (that I make) for LSQ stablemates!more
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These guys are available for commission. Sale or trademore
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