my youtube channel is almost at 300 subscribers, if any of you feel like checking it out, it's the same as the name here, Mike Vee. same image as well. I have a potential sponsor lined up for when I hit 1k and I have giveaways planned for every 100 sub marker up to 1k

@MikeeVeeadded April 1, 2018
Garrett ReichleApril 5, 2018

I will check it out

@MikeeVeeApril 5, 2018

@CodyShada sweet, thanks. I'm in the process of uploading the video from yesterday, it took longer than expected to edit.

@MikeeVeeApril 5, 2018

I should also be doing another beneath our feet episode today as well. It's been a few weeks since the last one thanks to my knee injury.

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