Hello everyone, I'm new to your group, I have been collecting for about a little over a year and a half now and I wanted to meet other collectors to learn, buy, sell, and talk about them. I live in Florida and I am interested in meeting other collectors.

Conrad Ponsadded July 15, 2019
Ian CoxJuly 22, 2019

@sbfc I believe so. The wealthiest collectors are still probably dreaming for those one-of-a-kind coins or those coins that are extremely rare and the nicest known that go for millions.

@sbfcJuly 22, 2019

@CoxCoins My original area of interest was ancient Roman coins. I quickly found out that coins relating to interesting/important events in Roman history were much sort after and commanded a premium, usually beyond what I was willing to pay. I was pretty naive.😀 Now I mostly collect modern coins that I pick up in change when I traveling.

Ian CoxJuly 22, 2019

@sbfc Cool! I have quite a few ancient Roman coins. I like that area, but I always find it way too difficult to identify anything. 😂

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