I will continue on with doin me and me only regardless of what people say. Sorry if some people cant keep up with the styles but I will keep moving forward into the direction of the vibes in my head, wear whatever pieces I like, and most of all dress to express not to impress. If you dont like what you see then just keep scrolling. No disrespect but I cant really be taking criticism from peeps who dont know anything about fashion and only rock sneakers just to flex. Shoes dont make the man the man make the shoes. Disclaimer: This about a user who be callin me out on my fits but doesnt know a thing about style which is first and foremost individuality. “Nufsed”

®️🅾️ℹ️ Fell illadded December 16, 2019
mike veintiDecember 19, 2019

@PeteMonUno soooooo true

mike veintiDecember 19, 2019

@PeteMonUno thats what gets me its like y'all "buyin whatchu like" but askin the group should i keep or sell ... like WTF you mean thought you buy whatchu like smh

PeteMonUno CustomsDecember 19, 2019

@Shoeruu You nailed it 💯

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