Hey guys last night I had a dream where pinkie pie cloned herself 5 times one clone was a child one was pinkamena diane pie one was a robot one just slept all the time and the other one baked a cake for the sleepy one. So like in that dream pinkie pie was an only child (no Maud pie, limestone pie or marble pie just pinkie) and when the normal pinkie was a child she shook a snowglobe replica of the building she grew up in (no rock farm) and still lives in that building; shaking that snowglobe as a child caused her house building to experience an earth quake. Twilight tried to get rid of the clones with her magic but it didn’t work. Those 5 clone were originally made by pinkie for one each to hang out with one of her friends but that was impossible cuz one slept all day, one was like a creepy pony, one was a robot and the child well she was perfectly innocent and wanted pinkamena to go cuz for a heartless robot she was nice to all the clones but didn’t ever understand pinkamena. Anyway that was a looooong paragraph explanation of a dream hope you guys didn’t get bored you prolly didn’t that dream was vey interesting

Fluttercolor Mlpadded October 29, 2020
Fluttercolor MlpOctober 29, 2020

I drew a pic of that dream and will soon make a new shelf to post it on

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