Does anybody have their favorite custom team? What do you believe is the best team possible?

Diggityadded September 13, 2020
DiggitySeptember 24, 2020

All the arcades I go to now don’t have the feature where Red Lantern can instantly do 2 super moves, although I remember how could in series 1. Did they not nerf him where you are from?

PokemikySeptember 24, 2020

It s not instant but the fast that you can do 3 supermoves is pretty cool a d powerfull. By the way, do you know any place where i can buy and sell my cards? I want to full my series 2 collection. And i am from spain and there are only series 2 arcades, and they aren t very popular

DiggitySeptember 27, 2020

I can’t give any other advice than eBay

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