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If you enjoy the content of our lord and savior, Scott Wozniak, feel free to join this group. Post memes, fun facts, fan art, etc as long as it’s about Scott.more
I need YOUR help
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From today a Scott the Woz episode will be considered as a TV Show Episode on Quarantine Madness ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)more
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r/JonTron be likemore Best Video Ever
Hey Y’all, Nic Heremore
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Scott’s humor is alright they’re kind of funny but I never laugh but his personality is awesome!more
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I don't know how this group didn't exist before :omore
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Fun fact: Scott is actually colorblind. I was really surprised hearing this since he’s mentioned colors in many of his videos.more
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Eyyo I’m gonna be completely honest I don’t really watch his videos I’ve watched like 1 or 2more