The first five pics in this are of stuff my “Clean Soles Project” was able to get together and give to a homeless man with addiction problems. He is 6 months sober and has to walk to treatment in the snow everyday and had no coat or boots and is living in a shelter... this is why I am doing this everybody... addicts are people too and they need our help. I started a fundraiser on Facebook and I opened up a P.O. Box for donations and I started a bank account for the fundraiser for donations. I have so many more people to help and I would love it if people could check out my fundraiser and help me help these people.
That is the link to the fundraiser and I hope you all check it out and read it and help me make this bigger than it already is. Thank you and peace and love to you all🙏🏼

Gregory Ingersonadded November 18, 2019
KD DoeNovember 19, 2019

That’s dope sir! Good stuff! I’ll be checking it out

Gregory IngersonNovember 19, 2019

@kddoe please do

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