Drunken assassinadded September 25, 2019

This is the KO of the mpm 8 Megatron only known as honey badger if that's the brand or the name of the figure idk but it's amazing and the price is great




Honey Badger

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Mpm 8

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Patrick GSeptember 25, 2019

@drunkenassassin nah dude, the cgi Model has him as a really light silver color almost with a blue tint, in the movie he isn’t dark but like 1% darker then what you see in the figure. I might be stretching since I’m super picky with MpM for their my favorite versions of the character, overall the figure looks great

Drunken assassinSeptember 25, 2019

@PatG101 yeah he goes well with the legendary toys optimus tho there is one issue with the bits that cover the fingers in jet mode they don't tab in at all legit have no idea how jet auto corrected to her

Patrick GSeptember 25, 2019

@drunkenassassin there’s always bound to be one problem, no figure is flawless in my opinion, and sadly I don’t think there will ever be one