Drunken assassinadded July 17, 2019

This is toy house factory's KO Of mp36 it has English voicelines from transformers devastation and it has metallic paint which may scrap off due to the transformation but so far it's pretty tough




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Drunken assassinJuly 17, 2019

if you are curious about the fusion cannon sounds heres what they are https://twitter.com/drunkenassassi2/status/1151494713314140162?s=20

Patrick GJuly 17, 2019

Any complaints about QC? I always wanted MP-36 Megs but the 230 price tag is a big pill to swallow

Drunken assassinJuly 17, 2019

@PatG101 QC is great joints aren't lose everything tabs in properly well except the back of the gun but all you need to do is put the hammer in the up position and the paint job is amazing its managed to survive me taking 3 stickers off of it and i only got it for half the price of the official so i'd say its a really good KO of the figure