Duncan80added August 30, 2019
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Duncan80August 30, 2019

@MrRobotoUK I'm not sure what hasn't been done. Maybe 3 3/4 retro stuff. Maybe some re-imaginings of the Kenner figures like NECA have been doing. I know Diamond Select have been doing that, but only the main characters. Maybe some of the Ghosts. Lots of slime stuff would be good.

B.A.BurnsAugust 31, 2019

This looked nice in@pictures but I wasn’t a fan of the Hot Spot mood it was based on so I passed on it (mainly how hollow and flimsy the mold felt).

Duncan80August 31, 2019

@T3c4x3r0 I get that. I got mainly for cat mode and packaging. I don't mind the robot mode though.