Duncan80added January 16, 2019

Basically an upscaled and slightly re-molded KO Titans Return Galvatron without the "jet" mode and Headmaster gimmick.
I can't believe this is made by the same company as Big Spring. This is pretty crap. Again there are no instructions. Not even a box this time. It came in a bag.
Plastic feels very cheap. Broke the peg at the end of the orange barrel which is supposed to come out (again, no instructions) so I had to glue it in place. Having the barrel attached to the rear section while in cannon mode makes it droop due to the way the peg rotates to attach in robot mode.
The figure has very little weight to it and no obvious diecast.
If you want a cheap "Masterpiece" style Galvatron, this is $30. It does look ok in robot mode until you stand it next to a proper MP style figure.
If you were looking at getting this, I wouldn't bother.

starscream_fan1September 6, 2019

i will rip ultra magnus and every other autobot till the matrix is distroyed) i will end you live megatron did to prime

MichaelOctober 20, 2019

Jobby The Hong reviewed this

Duncan80October 20, 2019

@TitanGeek I saw a few reviews before picking it up. Didn't see that one. It's a massive step down from their Big Spring.