Duncan80added February 23, 2018
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Duncan80November 18, 2018

@CB.Culture No I think it's just not a great design. It doesn't tab in very well and can detach when moving it around. I can't remember if it's just a single tab. Maybe a bit of floor polish on the tab may make it hold together better. Mine is in storage at the moment so I can't check it.

ChrisNovember 19, 2018

I just took it out,I was keeping it in my attic.It's got 2 and practically comes apart on it's own,when you move it as you said.

Duncan80November 19, 2018

@CB.Culture yeah sounds about right. A bit of floor polish or superglue along the side of the tabs may help. It never really bothered me too much as I just had him standing on my shelf.