Natasha McEwanadded October 4, 2019

3x analogue axes, 12x buttons & 1x 3 position slider
Was released in 2001 I believe primarily for strategy games, so you can move the camera and stuff with it while issuing commands with the mouse. Put this one two shelves since I dunno what it'd really count as... Turned out to be a good bit bigger than I expected, but nice and comfortable (pic with 360 pad for scale). It does NEED its software, which is kinda keymapper for all its inputs.
The thumb buttons work like shift states for the top buttons, and the slider switches between additional mapping setups so you could cram a LOT onto this thing...
Only downside would be it only wants to do mouse and keyboard commands (though apparently Linux is meant to treat it only as a joystick which could be interesting) but I guess it makes sense given it was meant for games that'd likely not have any controller support. I mostly grabbed it since I only spotted 1 on eBay UK and grabbed it quickly for the SideWinder collection. It's certainly an interesting thing, hoping to get some fun use out of it :)

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SideWinder Strategic Commander



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