Natasha McEwanadded October 17, 2017

2 Analogue sticks, 2 Analogue triggers, 1 D-pad, 10 buttons, Guide button
When I was exploring games beyond what was offered on the Wii I ended up buying this for my laptop at the time. This was probably around 2010-2011.
One of the two reasons why I went the Xbox 360 route instead of Playstation 3 (the other reason being the Playstation 2 controller)
This particular controller has lasted without issue aside from wearing down of the joystick grips (hence the added ones) despite being used both for my Xbox 360 and my PC.
Any issues with the Xbox 360 controller are merely nitpicking as this is the finest controller I have. I do have to maybe get the later 360 controller and possibly an Xbox One controller too, but the original 360 controller set a high bar nothing has passed as of yet.

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