Elizabeth II Royal Wedding Set 1981, KM the three coin Proof set featuring Dollar in silver KM28a, the gold 250 Dollars KM29 and the piefort (double-thick) gold 250 Dollars, KM-P1. The coins are toned and presented in the original case of issue. The piefort is rarely seen in the market.

Year Made


@MikeeVee Ye this set is a little pricy, but they aren’t going anywhere you can always look for one in the future! Tbh I enjoy purchasing the older cheaper coins more because you can get a little bit of everything for not to to much!

JorgeJuly 15, 2018

@clanger8121 Great! Can't wait to see them. Thanks for sharing your collection. There are so many beautiful coins outside that it's hard to see them all.

@sebz1982August 28, 2018