Csar's watchesadded May 17, 2020

So Pagani Design has just dropped this on its Ali Store! 🤯🤯🤯
40mm diameter
20mm lug width
100m water resistant
US $94.73 at the moment sub $100!
I'm adding this new shelf where I can discuss pieces I may add to my collection in the near future. I'm also working on creating a blog where I can write articles about this passion we all share: Csars watches.
If any of you is interested in this lovely piece and also want to support me please consider using this Ali link on my Bio , I do appreciate it guys!
On homage watches: I'm aware homage watches bring a lot of hate and love at the same time in our community. Personally I think homage watches are a great way to get a good impression of a watch you may want but also a very good alternative if your financial circumstances won´t allow you to get an original design piece.


Pagani Design

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Aaron CMay 27, 2020

Is this related to the Pagani sportscar that costs megabucks?

Csar's watchesMay 27, 2020

@AaronCollection we all wish it was! It's just a chinese watch manufacturer on Aliexpress

Aaron CMay 27, 2020

@cesarc_pm That's a pretty nice looking watch for less than $100. When it needs service it's probably more cost effective to just buy a new one.