Angelboricuaadded April 14, 2020

The PS1 era was brimming with platformer games. Tons of them. And this one was definitely in the bunch. The reception was a little mixed overall. To me, I love this game. Despite the flaws that hinder the full gaming experience from taking damage to the camera angles. The story is pretty straight forward. Dr. Knarf is taking over Jersey City with his mutant vegetable army and it’s up to the Jersey Devil to save the town. My sister owned this game when we were kids and now that I finally have my own copy, I can go to it without worrying about damaging the disc or the case. I usually pop this game in once in a while to make some progress and it’s fun for a bit. But I usually go to some other platformer because I got a little annoyed with how unfair some moments felt. The game is worth a try to say the least.