Angelboricuaadded April 6, 2020

Final Fantasy X is considered to be one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time and a favorite to many. Understandable too with how much story is put into this game. Plus a level system unlike most other Final Fantasy that gives you more control where you want you player to focus on. X-2 however was one of the least favorable Final Fantasy games in the franchise. Personally, I enjoyed it. And it was also the first Final Fantasy story I’ve completed. But to 100% this game.... oh man. Chac is the worst! I could never get past the 80th level in the Via Infinito. So I just gave up. The HD version made it more difficult nerfing some items. Making Chac even more frustrating. I’ve watched Youtubers get through her like she was nothing but a light stain on the floor. And I could never get it right. So I just put it down until I have the patience again to progress. I mainly wanted these games because of its portability and it’s the international versions of both.
I never liked the fact that this game was released with X on the physical cart and X-2 as a digital download. So if you wanted to get the full experience, you are way better off buying this game new. I took a huge gamble buying this used. And even if it’s $10, I feel I should get the full experience. Fortunately, the download voucher actually worked and I was able to get X-2. I just feel for the players who are unsuspecting and wind up only getting half the game. So if you are looking to get this game on the Vita or the Switch, keep that in mind. The console versions are just fine.