Angelboricuaadded March 5, 2020

Marvel Vs Capcom is one of the most epic crossovers in fighting game history. Throw in some of the most iconic characters from both universes and blend them in to make this gem of a series. While the PS1 doesn’t have the arcade version’s 2 on 2 default gameplay (unless you play crossover mode which doesn’t do much other than you both have each other characters in your team), the Sega Dreamcast does. It’s a downer, but it’s still a pretty decent fighting game overall with some interesting unlockables. The music and sounds this game has is all iconic to my ears to Capcom’s golden days where a majority of their fighting games were top notch. And the roster is pretty good for it’s time. I was happy to just play as Mega Man and go nuts with his hyper combos. As I mentioned earlier, if you want to play the closest to the arcade port, Dreamcast is the best way to go. This was also released digitally on the PS3 in the MvC Origins Collection, but I haven’t seen it online as a download. And that’s a bummer too because I felt this series has left a huge imprint in fighting game history.