N-igmaadded September 15, 2020

Came across this model online when looking for alternatives to replace my Super Seville at one point. A chain I frequent had it at a different branch but sent it over for a viewing (unfortunately only the black version not blue one).
The watch wears well (37.6mm) it has short straight lugs (42mm) and the dial looks smaller than it is.
The problem I have with this model is to do with the case.
It's 12.9mm thick which for a sports dresser is in my opinion a bit too much, and it has a push crown instead of screw down which is a waster considering the thick case and rotating bezel

Baris Mehmet KuralSeptember 17, 2020

I really liked their superocean heritage and tried it they seems to be very tight. And i purchased a superocean 2 with 42 mm and honestly i think i should get a 44 . I have a large wrist but wear all kind of thingsz i have a lot of 42 mm wathces and rhe superocean that i owned looks like lot smaller on my wrist . I am thinking to get a. Seawolf 2 . And I know it is a huge watch but I have a large wrist as well. @all-x

N-igmaSeptember 18, 2020

@kuralm74 the superocean version you have/had, has a more cluttered dial design than the current one, so this might also lead to the watch looking smaller, because the indices/Arabics are pushed to the center of the dial. The good thing is that Breitling often make some watches in a lot of different sizes.

Abdul Rahman ARSeptember 20, 2020

Looks great 👍