FrankApril 18, 2020

How are you liking this one man? I’m interested in purchasing either this one or the Shogun so I’m trying to weigh them out

N-igmaApril 18, 2020

@frank1983 I've had limited hands on experience with the shogun but can say this much the Sumo wears larger( although given it's proportions it contours to the wrist pretty well). In general I like the watch and for the right price it's a nice diver. I'll get to the good points first, the case finishing is VERY nice especially for the money(my aquaracer pales in comparison), the bracelet is pretty good, the lume nuclear, and the bezel action quite unique. The lugs are very fat and make the bracelet look small. The hardlex will scratch, managed to get a small scratch in mine a few weeks after having it. The clasp and dive extension are pretty crap. This type of Seiko dive extension bites into my wrist bone on the underside, quite badly in warm weather. The Hands are too short for the dial and the dial texture and color is kind of cheap. The original bezel insert is aluminium and has the fat font. If your heart is set either on the older sumo or shogun, the shogun wears nicer (but is very light due to titanium) and looks better on bracelet, so I would get that. The new model Sumo has sapphire, new movement , slimmer case, and nicer bezel font(but still aluminium) and seems to have longer hands but costs quite a bit more (about 150-200 GBP realistic street price difference). I'd get the current Certina Action Diver if I were you, better clasp and dive extension, I prefer the dial, splash of colour on the second hand, double AR sapphire.

FrankApril 18, 2020

@all-x thanks for all the info man!! I’ve been doing some research and reviews and while I’m leaning more towards the Shogun, I am not a fan of lightweight watches, which is why I backed out of the Tudor Pelagos. Also for the price they’re going for I would like a sapphire crystal and a milled clasp. I do like the new upgrades on the new Sumo though