N-igmaadded September 5, 2019

- beautiful detailed dial
- dial design
- day date complication, you don't see this often in Chronos
- given the diameter, it has short lugs
- wears smaller than 44mm would have you believe due to various tricks
- display caseback with nicely decorated movement
- interesting crown design
- screwed down pushers and 200m wager resistance

- you need proprietary straps due to lugs
- the second hand didn't start moving, no matter how much I wound, until I started and stopped the Chrono
- the Chrono needle when reset is not perfectly centred to 12 o clock.
- the above issues might be due to rough handling of sales assistants.
The lady kept winding crown in both directions, pulling like crazy in all crown positions and hitting watch against her palm when I remarked that the seconds hands wasnt moving, before I tried using the Chrono which got it started.

And the same when I remarked about the Chrono needle not centering, she started pressing Chrono buttons willy nilly and again trying to hit the watch against her palm to make it move.

dr3sixtySeptember 5, 2019

This is new :)

N-igmaSeptember 5, 2019

@kuralm74 I've had a look at the watch you mentioned. Personally I have never handled it but what i can say is that they are different watches the watch you mentioned is more akin to a dress Chrono (design, 30m water resistance, very minimal lume) the thing I'm not a fan of is the negative date and am unsure of how legible the watch is due to silver markers on silver dial. Due to the size of the crystal even if it's 41mm it might wear similar to the 44mm Aikon.

For the price you can get it for at Joma, if you like it jump on it. Even if you sell it later on you won't lose much money(if any).
From a design point of view and robustness I'd have to give it to the Aikon though, however at current prices it's sure as hell not 3 to 4 times better

Baris Mehmet KuralSeptember 5, 2019

@all-x thank you very much for a real review and clear recommendations. I will reconsider it and may be check something according to recommendations thanks again