N-igmaadded September 1, 2019

- very well built watch overall
- machined dive extension
- solid built screwed linked bracelet
- solid feeling clasp with ceramic ball bearings
- minute hands and seconds hand are actually long enough
- nice chronometer grade sw300

- not a fan of black sunburst dials, they should have went gloss black and sunburst blue instead of the other way around.
- bezel should've been 120 instead of 60 click
- longish lugs
- the bezel numbers should have been white for clearer legibility
- like with the Aqua racer if you buy retail you'll get slaughtered if you want to sell it after (about 35-40%) and there's not a huge market for them to begin with
That being said it's a much better watch than the Aqua Racer, even though I love the Aqua Racer design, and their much better shade of blue