Baris Mehmet KuralAugust 22, 2019

I am thinking serious about this , although i like triton more , not sure worth to pay that much , and new Kamasu is also looking good? What do you think?

N-igmaAugust 23, 2019

@kuralm74 they are completely different designs and sizes so you would need to go for what you like more, the triton is 43,4mm, 51mm lug to lug with a generic diver design (personally dislike the power reserve,date placement with cutout index and really green lume), that being said it has sapphire, solid end links from the factory and nicely finished case, hands and nicely embossed caseback. From a build quality perspective this is the best. while the kamasu is closer to the Mako in design (also day/date complication) and also size(41.5mm , 46.8mm lug to lug and 12.8mm height) but improves on it (sapphire, lumed second hand , grippier bezel). Than comes the Mako. When you just want the watch (no modding) from a quality point of view it would be Triton , Kamasu , Mako. From what I've seen online there is about a 120-130 euro difference between them on average. If you don't mind modding your best bet is the Mako (the bezels,ceramic inserts and strapcode bracelet you can get for it aren't compatible with kamasu). My Mako in total (parts, installation + watch) was around 360-370GBP which is roughly what you can get the triton for in Europe if you're lucky. For that you'll forgo the nicer finished case, hands and caseback and movement of the triton but gain a ceramic bezel, better bracelet and clasp and day display. At the end of the day it all depends on which watch you like more. At the time I got my Mako the other two weren't around, and if I had go chose again today I'd still chose the Mako , the size suits me much better and I love the dial , it has a much more unique design plus you can mod it. If you want to see a short comparison have a look at this video at one point he compares the kamasu to the Mako and triton