Time to CutMay 15, 2019

The famous invisible crystal and that beautiful dial with concentric circles. Ultra crisp and precise bezel action. Tank tough. Luxurious bracelet. Doesn't it feel like a million bucks on the wrist?

N-igmaMay 15, 2019

@TimetoCut Double AR coating does have it's benefits , as long as th outside isn't scratched. The bezel action is one of the best I've handled , would need to do a comparo with a planet ocean 39.5 side by side to see how the bezel action holds up.
The elaborate dial was toned a bit down in the successor models, to the point of the latest one having just a matte sunburst finish.
I do prefer the shade of blue on the last Galactic though and might swap that dial in at one point.

Time to CutMay 15, 2019

@all-x I need to get into the boutique soon and catch up on the 2019 models 😊. That would be an interesting comparison with the Omega.