N-igmaadded December 16, 2018

Gave the Seiko boutique a call today as I was out and about to see if they received the new Marinemaster and luckily they did have the black one , unfortunately for me they didn't have the one I was interested in , the blue one.
The new domed sapphire is amazing and gives the dial real depth.
The ceramic bezel is also very nice.
The Lume application on the triangle is crap, you can see from further away that the application is poor.
I was told that i was not the first one to complain about it
The watch is even thicker now , 1mm thicker and it feels it.
The dial is darker than the previous version.
All in all I would've preferred thickness to stay the same and for the bracelet and clasp to have improved a bit.
Wondering how the blue one will look