N-igmaadded December 8, 2018

I love both watches but each have their drawbacks.
- glossy dial
- more elaborate dial work (guilloche and Sunbrushed dial)
- mirror Polished Indices with large area
- the better bezel design in my opinion
- I like the XII

- colour is a tad too light
- lume not the best , because it's at the side of the indices , in order to offer the mirror Polished Center
- because of the space the XII takes, the half minute markers and the offset chapter ring it's hard to read the first and the last 4 minutes precisely , you need to spend a lot more time staring at the markers

- much nicer shade of blue
- better lume
- nicer/ clearer dial design due to losing the half minute markers
- slightly larger indices
- dial is matte
- dial design is simpler
- bezel is very ugly

Basically my ideal watch would be the cockpit with the galactic dial with a gloss finish and guilloche pattern rom my cockpit, but as that's not possible , I will try and get a replacement galactic dial when I'll get my watch serviced by an authorized shop down the line as it should be a straight swap.