N-igmaOctober 9, 2018

@mbones939 same with lug length 48,1 and 48,8 both get reported as 48. What I like is that you email the manufacturers some of them give you the exact measurements like for example the height of the below omegas : 2503.80.00 -> 11.05 mm -> 12.84 mm -> 12.26 mm
Sinn has very poor support when it comes to technical specs and measurements as do tag Heuer, you need to keep pushing and asking as they'll give you boilerplate answers that don't make sense in relation to your question

M BonesOctober 9, 2018

@all-x interesting, I learned something new so thank you, though 13.7 is still an acceptable thickness (especially considering the way they designed the case) for dive watch and for the price they’re asking for everything else you get. Especially the new movement and I think the waves in blue look really great but agree the black loses something compared to the older model.
My speedmaster is 14mm and wears much thinner because of the way the case is designed.

Abdul Rahman ARAugust 13, 2019

Great looking watch, really love the clean look 👍