N-igmaadded March 12, 2018
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N-igmaMarch 13, 2018

@EddieTheBeast it's a big watch. Contrary to what the manufacturer specs say , I measure over bezel , and from 4-10 over bezel it's 46,5mm. Lug to lug is 53.2 mm but because the lugs are curved and the shape it wears comfortably. Also it's a thick watch 15,8mm, but most of that heft doesn't come from the caseback (although it's a display back) but from the case itself so you don't get that towering effect on wrist. The eta2824 was around +2s/day when I checked last year.

EddieTheBeastMarch 13, 2018

It may be a little big for my taste / but I do like it , it looks really good and it has good wrist presence! 👍

N-igmaMarch 13, 2018

@EddieTheBeast yeah , that's the bane of all deep blue watches. They are too big. If you want something similar but in 42mm have a look at the ball fireman necc