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The 1st of 20. The Holy Grail.
GALF is a minigame from Golf Story, repackaged as a NES title.
Originally created as a prize for a high score contest (involving this game) there were to be 25 Gold + 50 Silver Cartridges as prizes.
However the contest was cancelled before the production could commence so only 20 of the actual Gold cartridges were made.
Only 2 have (as of now (18/03/20)) been available to the public, this one the first originally as a giveaway during the 4th anniversary livestream to support the Video Game History Foundation.
The 2nd as a charity sale for the Australian wildfires.
The cartridge is completely playable, but all of them had to be separately assembled after manufacturing (eg. The circuit boards placed inside) and this first cart was actually assembled later than the rest, after it had been given away - needing to be self assembled by the original owner.


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