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Limited Copies: 1,500 CE
Sale Date: 26/06/19
Sale Price: $64.99
Site Description:
"The Collector's Edition includes:
Accounting+ physical game for the PlayStation 4
Squeeze activated Tree Guy plush containing spoken voice samples from Justin Roiland (creator of Rick & Morty)
18 x 24 inch poster
A special coin
Soundtrack CD packaged in a jewel case"

Tree Guy: "Hey you! Yeah you! Quit looking at my box! This is my box, I uhh live here.
Think you can just come round staring at some guy's house? I don't follow people round looking at all their houses, uhh, living their lives and doing uhh stuff.
You go on and get the hell out of here!"


Crows Crows Crows / Squanch Games

Year Made


Model Number

LR-VR09 / Limited Run #272


Limited Run Games

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Original Seller - 28/06/19

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