@SilentBobadded June 1, 2019

Hardback book handsigned by Baldrick (Sir Tony Robinson) who couldn’t remember the actual line I asked for and wrote “who definitely didn’t shoot this delicious plump breasted chicken” when he should have wrote “plump breasted pigeon” of course, relating to Speckled Jim in Blackadder Goes Forth. The Goes Forth picture was also the picture he was supposed to sign, but it turned out he thought I said chicken and the line must be from the kitchen of Blackadder the Third. No wonder he couldn’t recall it! Anyway it’s unique

Duncan80June 1, 2019

"I don't care if he's been rodgering the Duke of York with a prize-winning leak! He shot my pigeon!!"

@SilentBobJune 1, 2019

@dgibb01 😂😂😂 classic. Baaaa!