Mustafa Ç.July 31, 2021
RichieAugust 1, 2021

Yes I’m having loads of issues I sometimes can’t get into my account for hours sometimes days and it just get worse if I’m on for like 10 minutes then it start loading and I’m pretty much done for the day. We should have a Snuppers Group on IG in that way we can post of heart’s delights without interruption 🧐

B.J. LochowAugust 4, 2021

I just created an IG profile for just my watches too. My profile is @ten_and_two_watches and I just followed you. I haven’t posted any photos over there yet, but will be soon.

Mustafa Ç.August 4, 2021

@bjlochow Oh thanks a lot, i will follow back. 👍🏻