Rkicks96added March 28, 2021

By far this, and my Prime/Animated styled Galvatron piece are my y two favourite pieces of artwork I have drawn so far. I am definitely well chuffed with how this hound piece has turned out!!!.
Definitely a redemption piece over what was I feel a failure of my drawing of transformers prime Wheeljack. It didn’t come out at all like I wanted it to, that’s why I feel like that was a failure. I don’t have to worry about hound over here though, he surpassed my expectations.
I slightly changed the colour here and there in a few places but I feel like it’s given a nice bit of depth to the piece. The main thing I absolutely love that I’ve done with this piece is how much of a cartoon feel I’ve given to it, and that’s awesome. I love this design of hound, and I think I’ve captured the look well and truly spot on!.
I could not be any more happier with it!!!.

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Autobot Hound


Transformers Art