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Mega Construx GHR82
Masters of the Universe
Battle Bones
2019 SDCC Exclusive
My growing collection
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I hate paying EBay scalpers rates for SDCC exclusives from opportunists but that was the only way to acquire this set at the time. Got a “good deal” at the time but that doesn’t make me feel any better.
Interesting set that mimics the original Mattel carrycase style set from the 80’s.
Features 4 figures:
Moss Man (flocked)
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Mega Construx Masters Of The Universe

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Masters Of The Universe
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LunchboxxxJuly 16, 2020

omg I need this

All Bricks CountJuly 16, 2020

@Lunchboxxx I wish Mega didn’t use so many unique parts otherwise this could be built with lego for $30-40. Also even if lego had the parts finding them all in white would be a problem too I suppose.