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I’ve been waiting awhile to share this with you. My MOC of a Prusa 3D printer.
Some of you might remember that I had asked for help to identify a “lego” set my friend had found posted on the internet. When I couldn’t find the answers myself I crowd sourced the search for info by requesting help to identify the source of the “set” in 5 of the biggest lego Facebook groups.
It took about 2-3 hours to collect enough solid leads and found the origin of the set.
Turns out it was a mic that was gifted to heralded 3D printer guy Joseph Prusa. The Moc designer had even mix’s up a box etc to complete the look and feel of a legit lego set.
While waiting for the world to educate me on the source of that “set” I cobbled together parts and took my own stab at making that set using parts in hand.
Color swaps and part swaps ended up changing the look. Some for the better. Some maybe not.
But once I was done I showed my friend in Boston (I’m in Toronto). We’ve been online friends since 2001 during the esrly of the first and largest (non Microsoft owned) Xbox site at the time.
He’s a huge 3D printer fan. He’s currently leading a small army of 3D printer enthusiasts in the states making supplies for the medical community.
He loved the set. I hope you do as well. Free instructions and parts list at the rebrickable link below.
My daughters timelapsed test build
360 degree video of the final build
My Moc :

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YourDeadBeefMarch 29, 2020

Looks like something u would lift

All Bricks CountMarch 29, 2020

@YourDeadBeef like wright lifting equipment? I suppose it does. ;)

YourDeadBeefMarch 29, 2020