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LEGO Star Wars
75204 Sandspeeder (2018)
Features 2 Minifigures
sw0881 Sandspeeder Gunner
sw0882 Sandspeeder Pilot
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History of the Sandspeeder as it appears in Star Wars
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LEGO Star Wars

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LEGO Star Wars
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@ironspider6056 been out for awhile now. Close to a year. Forgettable set. Nothing special.

Ironspider6056November 13, 2019

@RMBrickB just curious, how many Lego sets do you get for the minifigures?

All Bricks CountNovember 14, 2019

@ironspider6056 good question.. when it comes to lego Star Wars I tend to buy 50-75 of each wave eventually. To answer your question though.. I’d say maybe 25% of the purchases will be heavily influenced by the new figs. Rest because of the look of the set. For those that I might buy multiples of.. half are for resale and flips later and the other half are for parts. Some sets each way either have more unique parts I might want or need so some of my purchasing decisions come from that mindset. Back to the figs.. I don’t intentionally army build. However I probably have about 100’ish clones, maybe as many storm troopers. Mostly because those seem to pop up commonly in bulk buys and garbage sale lots I’ve picked up.