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LEGO Star Wars 10131
TIE Fighter Collection
Features 4 Minifigures
sw0004a Darth Vader
sw0143 Droid Brain from TIE/D
sw0035a TIE Fighter Pilot
This is a great set and features what I think is Lego’s first use of Extended/Expanded universe content when they used the TIE/D ship in this set.
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LEGO Star Wars
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Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter Collection
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Guillaume RancourtDecember 30, 2018

Is the set new in the box?

All Bricks CountDecember 31, 2018

@Gui74 no. As a builder if I can save some cash I will. Even when I buy new in box eventually I’ll be building it. But I’ve inventories and the parts are pristine condition. Or damn near it. Box looks box but it’s intact. LEGO Classic “thick” wall box. Miss those days.

Ironspider6056March 26, 2019

I would love this set if it wasn’t for the blue