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🎉👉 ^ January 21 12:03 am E.S.T. ^ NEW ITEMS JUST POSTED 👈🎇 ~~ ⚡💳 FOR SALE OR TRADE 💸⚡~~~Most of the Items I have on Other Shelves are ALSO FOR SALE~~~👉🔎 Please PM or Email Me ( pokedadgym@gmail.com ) with any questions🔍👈
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PSA 10 Pokemon ONLY !!
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💨🏁TRADED Or Sold 💨🏁 🎈🎈 Feel Free To Ask If I Have MORE Or Something Similar 🎈🎈🎈
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Japanese PSA Pokemon Collection Assorted
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Just Got This & It's Soooooo Freakin' Cool !! 👍YES 👍 Many Of These Are For SALE. Interested? Just pm(private message) me.
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KhaledDecember 10, 2017

Want to trade

PokeDad_GymDecember 11, 2017

@Cardpokemon Khaled, I'm always up for trade. PMme if your interested with suggestions or offers. Thx buddy

KhaledDecember 11, 2017

Cheek my self to cheek if you want to trade some thing poke dad gym