Patrick Gadded February 8, 2021

This is one of my holy grails. I cannot begin to express how happy and honored I am to have Peter Cullens autograph.
I always looked up to Optimus Prime as a role model and a mentor. I always looked to him for advice whenever I was in a hard situation.
I struggled with school. I used to get bullied a lot because of my love for Transformers. I get depressed, anxious, stressed. I don’t know how to handle them properly, so I always tend to make poor choices. Whenever I’m in a rut, or I’m seriously considering doing harm. I ALWAYS looked to Optimus Prime and his wisdom.
Luckily, over time, most of my issues have gone away. I don’t get depressed. My anxiety levels are low, but with college, there’s always gonna be a large amount of stress.
To this day, I STILL look to Optimus for advice. This autograph of Peter Cullen really shows my passion and love for this franchise. I cannot wait to show you all my finished Optimus Prime shrine. I’m still waiting for a couple more figures, but it’s gonna be amazing. I promise you.