Patrick Gadded September 5, 2020

I waited 3 months for this figure to ship. I was super excited and man, this thing is a mess. The ball joints at the wrist can’t hold any of his weapons. He can’t even hold the damn gun he used in the movie in EITHER HAND!! His chest keeps gettting I tanned. Some places the joints are TOO tight in areas it shouldn’t be, but loose in areas it should be tight. Massively disappointed in the quality of this figure. He looks great, but looks can only get you so far to quote a certain toy reviewer. I’m probably never gonna touch this again.

ExtraterrestrialSeptember 17, 2020

Is this the Threezero release?

Patrick GSeptember 18, 2020

@TheRandomcollection no, it’s a 3rd party figure from ToyWorld