Patrick Gadded October 9, 2019

This figure is absolutely amazing!!! I cannot believe how screen accurate this figure is!! The amount of detail is stunning and there’s just so much to admire in this piece.
Let’s start off with the beautiful paint job he has. Jazz is mostly covered with this silver paint that looks absolutely gorgeous.
The articulation is fantastic. I can get this figure into a lot of great poses, even without my stand. That shows how much posing you can get with this figure. The joints are nice and strong and really well done. Only problem I have with this figure is that the pin in the first knee joint are a tad bit loose so in certain poses, he does fall back a bit. But, if anyone knows how to fix a loose pin joint, please let me know.
His gun is great. Very screen accurate. The small figurine of Sam running with the Allspark is a cool accessory, but personally, I won’t be using him too much in my display. But, I feel the spinal cord attachment is a bit too much. Yes, I get that it’s an iconic scene in the live action franchise, but I just feel that it’s completely unnecessary and somewhat insulting to the character. That’s just my opinion.
Overall, this is my second favorite MpM figure, and imo one of the best we’ll ever get. Hopefully Takara and Hasbro finish the original Autobot cast... Takara... please make Rachet!!!🙏

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