Patrick Gadded October 4, 2019

This figure is gorgeous!!! I cannot believe I held out on this guy, and I’m a huge fan of the Bayformers!
He’s so fun to pose. And because of my newly acquired stand, I can really get this guy in awesome poses. The joints are nice and sturdy and feel really really good.
Another thing that feels really good is the overall figure itself. It’s nice and heavy and really has that quality feel to it. The figure feels like a premium piece.
The paint is great. It’s so screen accurate and it looks gorgeous.
Not gonna lie, because of MpM-06 problem with the shoulders bit tabbing in, I was scared of getting other MpM’s because of it. Ha, I’m an idiot, this figure is great and I cannot WAIT for MpM-09 Jazz to come in next week.

Brian JohnsonOctober 4, 2019

Love this figure

Patrick GOctober 4, 2019

@TFanPage101 yea it’s amazing imo