ZAKIYA 🤍July 25, 2020


Jesse WaltersJuly 26, 2020

@SecretaryOfHate thank you! Nawww your collection is FIRE!! I don't have the OG colorways like I should. I'm gettin those What The 5's and the Sail Off-Whites when they drop!$

Secretary Of HateJuly 26, 2020

Hey... at least you can get some Off White 5s, those things are impossible to get! I don’t have the plugs like I used too. The only pair of 5s I have that can even compete with these are my Chinese New Year’s, Black Grapes 🍇, Alternate Grapes 🍇, maybe the OG Metallic Retros. Everything else was easy general releases. I’m telling you the the Raging Bulls, Off White Metallic, and the Bel-Airs alone, destroys my whole collection of Jordan 5s.