Jesse Waltersadded May 28, 2020

Love these. Had to have them. Must cop. Now I want the Red pair. Then the Orange and maybe the Purp to finish off the pack. I have a thing for colorful sneaker packs and these might not be super colorful but the metallic hits POP. It's not the OG but I think they did a good job with these. Besides the purple pair, what the hell happened on release day? Did it get scrapped or pushed back? It would have been nice for Jordan Brand to let us know what happened!?!

RuhsannMay 28, 2020

Where you get these?

Jesse WaltersMay 28, 2020

@Michigan5 I grabbed these off GOAT last week

Lewis SaruziMay 30, 2020

I actually liked these better out of the whole pack