Jesse Waltersadded February 26, 2020

I had to have these. I don't know how people landed them on the sneakers (cr)app because it went directly from "notify me" to sold out. Not even a split second not anything NOTHING. NO CHANCE. I think these are fire tho and I think they'll go back up. I like these a lot. Another πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ piece to the collection.

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Gregory IngersonMarch 23, 2020

@NortheastSneakerbeast I own the travis Scott’s. I like them more. I dig these too just not as much. I’m not huge on off white. I like a couple a lot but still have not pulled the trigger

Jesse WaltersMarch 23, 2020

@gsneakerson24 yea sneakers are like music we all have our own taste. I like the dunks thats a huge pick-up

Gregory IngersonMarch 24, 2020

@NortheastSneakerbeast me too haha