Jesse Waltersadded September 21, 2019

YOOOOOOOO !!!! This seriously may be my best pick-up of all time!! Check that 3m out!! Damnnnn I guarantee most people had no idea this hoodie even existed but this is 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥!!! This will obviously go with my black pair of Kaws 4's perfectly... Photos of that fit are coming but please tell me you've seen a hoodie that was more 🔥 than this shit. My collection is reaching a next level once again. 👑 🏆 💪

JayceSeptember 25, 2019

@NortheastSneakerbeast lol, I feel u 💯

Killing them softly .SALUTE

This one still on my radar. ..been in the cut watching it for a min. will cop it soon