Maciej Spychała Art Worldadded December 19, 2017

Hello everybody :)
Today is the special time for me :)
I present Lugia :D.
It was very precise and long time working progress.
He was painted a few coats of enamel paints.
That's the reason why it's so shiny :D
I was trying to do imitation of ocean waves :)
Hope You like it? :)
Length x width: 41,5 cm x 50,0 cm
If You want to see more photo of him please look on my site on facebook if You like :)


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@Claysmith Thx my friend :) Very kind of You :) :) Happy to know You love my Lugia :)

Luka KokolApril 18, 2018

Thats so cool! Your creations are really amazing. Good job on them


@LukaKokol75 Thank You very much :)