Unnumbered Promotional Cards (October 1996-Present) Japanese
Grand Party 1999-2000 campaign
In conjunction with the establishment of the Pokémon Fan Club in April 1999 and the start of the first part of the Grand Party 1999-2000, the "Passport Challenge" was introduced to those who attended the Challenge Road '99 SUMMER events between July and August 1999. Participants were given a challenge passport to record details of any battles conducted during the Grand Party 1999-2000 campaign.
The second part of the Grand Party 1999-2000 incorporated the Autumn 1999 Battle Road events between September and December 1999, and the final part incorporated the Champion Road 2000 events between January and February 2000. Participants who collected 50 stamps along with all supporting evidence in their challenge passport before the end of the campaign were eligible for entry into the prize lottery, which was held at each regional Champion Road 2000 event. Winners of the prize lottery were awarded this card.

PokeTuberLitten12September 10, 2020

Very cool card

Iron HedgehogSeptember 11, 2020

Absolutely amazing, such a great card